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Zippy the Pinhead

"In two decades, Bill Griffith's Zippy the Pinhead has been transformed from a one-shot gag into the idiot savant of our whirling consumer culture... Griffy's tirades against advertising, truckers' caps, and Bruce Springsteen are hilarious, but he’d be just another elitist snotball without Zippy's cut-and-paste giddiness. Together they're irresistible: the good cop/bad cop of surrealist social criticism... Zippy's not the biggest fool this country has — we elect those — but he is our best." – Entertainment Weekly

"Griffith has actually made room for essays and meditations on the 'funnies' page. No other strip challenges the reader in such a smart way." – Time

"Zippy the Pinhead... he’s like a word processor with dyslexia!" – Robin Williams

"The character just jumped off the page. I didn’t know that reading a comic book could be like that. It was so spontaneous, almost like crazy improv comedy at its best. I wanted to see it animated. I still do, actually." – Mike Judge

"Griffy still leads the way with his masterful Zippy — the last truly great daily comic strip on the planet." – Dan Nadel, Comics Comics

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Are We Having Fun Yet?

Bill Griffith An all-original trip on the Freeway of Fun with Zippy, Griffy, Half-Life, Ernie Bushmiller, Jean-Paul Sartre, et al. This explosion of madness, satire and adventure takes Griffith's pop culture themes to their outer limits.  Product Details...

Zippy Annual 2001 (Vol. 2)

Bill Griffith In this annual volume (a.k.a. "Z2K1"), all of Griffith's hilarious daily and color Sunday strips from 2000-2001 are collected into one place to guide us into the 21st Century. Millennium fever never seemed so, well, absurd.  Product Details...

Zippy Annual 2002 (Vol. 3)

Bill Griffith Zippy's favorite (fictional) comic strip is dropped from his daily paper. Also, Zippy meets William Randolph Hearst, visits roadside attractions, and, in a series of emotionally charged strips, reacts to the events of 9/11.  Product Details...

Zippy Annual 2003 (Vol. 4)

Bill Griffith Zippy's ongoing love affair with Brand X America, in all its faded roadside glory, takes him to the "Neon Boneyard," Barnum's sideshow, Japan, Levittown, and the early 1900s. Plus a politically incorrect take on the Iraq War.  Product Details...

Zippy: Connect the Polka Dots

Bill Griffith Zippy visits his doppelganger atop the Leaning Tower of Pizza, talks Republicanism with some symbolic elephants, imagines he's in a Deputy Dawg cartoon and deconstructs King Kong, and that's just between breakfast and lunch.  Product Details...

Zippy: Ding Dong Daddy from Dingburg

Bill Griffith Observe Dingburgers in their natural habitat as the tour of the city entirely inhabited by pinheads continues! Advertising mascots, Riboflavin, Joan Rivers, donuts and God all figure in this new collection of dailies and Sundays.  Product Details...

Zippy: Ding Dong Daddy from Dingburg + Welcome to Dingburg

Bill Griffith Two volumes of daily and Sunday strips exploring Zippy’s hometown, “Dingburg,” the only city in the U.S. inhabited entirely by pinheads — well, aside from Washington, D.C., and certain sections of Newark — at a great discounted price!  Product Details...

Zippy: The Dingburg Diaries

Bill Griffith A full two and a half years' worth of dailies and full-color Sundays featuring tales of "Dingburg, the City Inhabited Entirely by Pinheads" — Zippy’s home town. Plus God, Mr. The Toad, Zerbina, Little Zippy and more.  Product Details...

Zippy: Walk a Mile in My Muu-Muu

Bill Griffith Zippy hijacked by marauding speech balloon appropriators!? The strip's dialogue is usurped by balloons from old comics like "Beach Blanket Bingo," "UFO Comics," "Mutt & Jeff" and "Steve Roper." Will Zippy get his voice back?  Product Details...

Zippy: Welcome to Dingburg

Bill Griffith Take a tour and meet the residents of Zippy’s hometown, “Dingburg,” the only city in the U.S. inhabited entirely by pinheads — well, aside from Washington, D.C., and certain sections of Newark.  Product Details...

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