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You up the punx when you step into this newest book by Liz Suburbia, Sacred Heart. This elastic realist setting of an adult-less town full of young punks and mysterious deaths, blends youthful punk idealism and fun, with complicated relationship drama. I love this book because let’s face it, I still go to basement shows, have stick-and-poke tattoos, and own audio cassettes of all my friends shitty bands.
We all remember those shitty stoner friends from high school. Now imagine those shitty friends are a witch, her cat, and an anthropomorphic owl struggling with depression, their addictions, and beings dicks to each other. All this is beautifully illustrated into some of the most heartbreaking and hilarious pages I have ever read.
It’s hard to over-state the importance that Peanuts has played in the world of comics, and in American culture, for the past 65 years. Which means it’s never a bad time to go revisit the old gang in their early years of football pranks, great pumpkins, blankets, and loyal dogs.