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NewNot Funny Ha-Ha
Though about 1 in 3 women will have an abortion in her lifetime, speaking about the experience is far less common than the procedure. Not Funny Ha-Ha is not a book about the choices women make, but rather, about what happens after they’ve decided. This is a book that demystifies the process with humor, warmth and empathy. The charming illustrations and non-judgmental exposition are like a friend’s hand to hold. It is both beautiful and important and I’m so glad that this book exists.
ContemporaryWuvable Oaf
I developed an insta-crush on Oaf- a (very) hairy ex-wrestler; living in SF, dating metal dudes, fostering kitties, making dolls and listening to Morrissey. This book is as queer as it is endearingly sweet. The “Worst Dates Ever” panels are some of my favorite bits in this collection. Very wuvable indeed.
ClassicNancy Loves Sluggo
An iconic classic and minimalist masterpiece, reverently collected in this latest volume. Bushmiller’s art is brilliant in its simplicity and the (admittedly corny) gags are totally timeless. The precocious protagonist is also sassy as fuck. Nancy loves Sluggo and I <3 Nancy.