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Delphine #3
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Delphine #3

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WHERE IS DELPHINE?!? Where can she be, this lovely object of our nameless traveler’s affection — or, perhaps, obsession? Since stepping off the train into Delphine’s hometown — surrounded on all sides by a deep black forest — the traveler has found nothing but trouble. It seems the townsfolk aren’t satisfied with simply being unhelpful — they are openly hostile and may even, for reasons he can’t understand, want to kill him. Perhaps our poor prince charming was hoping for a fairy tale romance, in which case, although he did get the fairy tale, along with its witches and wicked stepmothers and haunted forests and evil spells, he may find that not all fairy tales end with "happily ever after." In this penultimate issue of the four-part series, our traveler makes a startling discovery and faces a new horror that drives him to the brink of absolute madness.

2009 Ignatz Award Nominee: Outstanding Series, Outstanding Artist (Richard Sala)

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Praise for the Series:

"Richard Sala’s take on Snow White is as beautiful as it is macabre." – Comic Book Resources

"Richard Sala is the thinking man's horror artist, using his playful, cartoony art style to generate white-knuckle suspense. Sala is adept at making the audience laugh one moment and cringe the next, heightening suspense by making the familiar seem creepy and the absurd disturbing. [...] This book may be the most pure fun of the Ignatz line, and I expect it to become even more gripping as the series proceeds." – Rob Clough, Sequart

"What makes Delphine such a treat is that Sala is branching out while retaining the essence of what makes his comics so compulsively readable... it's his best work since The Chuckling Whatsit." – Dick Hyacinth, "Best Comics of 2007"

"Richard Sala’s skewed gothic horror take on Snow White... [is] well worth your while." – Newsarama

8.5" x 11"

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