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When: 08.23.2014 | 19:00  
Event Title: Ed Piskor's Hip Hop Family Tree Vol. 2 Release Party
Where: Copacetic Comics - Pittsburgh
Category: Book Signing
Event description:

Hometown hero, Ed Piskor, is coming back atcha with the release of Hip Hop Family Tree Vol. 2! At this release party, you may need to bring the bucks but never the beats.

Book 2 covers the early years of 1981-1983, when Hip Hop has made a big transition from the parks and rec rooms to downtown clubs and vinyl records. As meticulously documented in Piskor's panels, the performers make moves to separate themselves from the paying customers by dressing more and more flamboyantly until a young group called RUN-DMC comes on the scene to take things back to the streets. So party people gather 'round and count down to this sweet release party this Saturday!

Venue Copacetic Comics
Street: 3138 Dobson St #3
ZIP: 15219
City Pittsburgh
Country: US Show Location Map
Location description:
(412) 251-5451 Open 11am-5pm