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When: 09.04.2014 | 19:00  
Event Title: An Evening with Jim Woodring
Where: University of Washington Bookstore - Seattle - Seattle, WA
Category: Book Signing
Event description:
Now in stores! Come celebrate the release of JIM with none other than Jim! (Woodring that is.) Part anthology, part retrospective, Jim is his namesake's cartoon alter-ego, traversing the surreal and phantasmic landscape we've come to love and admire in his other work. A collection of comics, prose, and drawings that give great insight to one of the most mind-bending, and influential artists of the age. Jim Woodring will discuss and sign “Jim: Jim Woodring’s Notorious Autojournal” at a free event at University Book Store in the U District (4326 University Way NE, Seattle, WA 98105) at 7pm, September 4th. The book is available for purchase in-store, by phone at (206) 634-3400, or at, on the date of the event.
Venue University of Washington Bookstore - Seattle
Homepage: thumb
Street: 4326 University Way, N.E.
ZIP: 98105
City Seattle, WA
Country: US Show Location Map
Location description:
Independent book store. Serving the UW community since 1900.