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How to Read Love and Rockets

How to Read Love and Rockets

New to our flagship series from Gilbert and Jaime Hernandez? Here’s where to start!

The Love and Rockets Library 

(These ongoing, approximately 250-page editions collect the entire run of the series.)

Maggie the Mechanic Vol. 1 — Jaime
Heartbreak Soup Vol. 2 — Gilbert
The Girl from H.O.P.P.E.R.S. Vol. 3 — Jaime
Human Diastrophism Vol. 4 — Gilbert
Perla La Loca Vol. 5 — Jaime
Beyond Palomar Vol. 6 — Gilbert
Amor Y Cohetes Vol. 7 — Gilbert, Mario, & Jaime
Penny Century Vol. 8 — Jaime
Esperanza Vol. 9 — Jaime
Luba and Her Family Vol. 10 — Gilbert
Ofelia Vol. 11 — Gilbert
Comics Dementia Vol. 12 — Gilbert
Angels & Magpies Vol. 13 — Jaime
Three Sisters Vol. 14 — Gilbert

Comic Book Series

Love and Rockets Vol. III: New Stories #1–8 (2008–2016)

(In 2008, the Hernandez brothers returned to the series and started to put out new Love and Rockets comics in 100-page installments.)

*All New* Love and Rockets Vol. IV (2016–present)

(In 2016, the Hernandez brothers began releasing new Love and Rockets stories in quarterly installments in a 36-page magazine format.)

Love and Rockets Graphic Novels

(Standalone graphic novels that collect Love and Rockets stories into a distinct narrative arc.) 

Dicks and Deedees
The Education of Hopey Glass
High Soft Lisp
God and Science: Return of the Ti-Girls
The Children of Palomar
The Love Bunglers
Is This How You See Me?

Fritz B Movies Books

(These original, standalone graphic novels were never serialized in Love and Rockets. Each is a metafictional, hard-boiled “B movie” starring Gilbert’s actress character, Fritz.) 

Chance in Hell
The Troublemakers
Love from the Shadows
Maria M.
Garden of the Flesh 

Additional Reading

(Reference and art books about the Love and Rockets series.)

Love and Rockets: The Covers
The Love and Rockets Companion: 30 Years (and Counting)
Fantagraphics Studio Edition: Jaime Hernandez