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How to Read Love and Rockets

The Hernandez brothers' decades-spanning oeuvre can seem overwhelming to new readers, but it's actually much easier than you might think, and we've put this handy guide together to prove it. We envy the pleasures that await you. Read the guide below and click here to shop all of the Love & Rockets books.

First, start with with the COLLECTED LOVE AND ROCKETS trade paperback series, which collects all of Jaime and Gilbert's L&R work in solo, chronological editions (plus one catch-all edition of odds and ends) beginning with the original Love and Rockets Vol. I,  #1 from 1982. 
Maggie the Mechanic (Jaime Vol.1) 
The Girl from H.O.P.P.E.R.S. (Jaime Vol. 2)
Perla La Loca (Jaime Vol. 3)
Penny Century (Jaime Vol. 4)
Esperanza (Jaime Vol. 5)
Heartbreak Soup (Gilbert Vol. 1)
Human Diastrophism (Gilbert Vol. 2) 
Beyond Palomar (Gilbert Vol. 3) 
Luba and Her Family (Gilbert Vol. 4)
Ofelia (Gilbert Vol. 5) 
Amor Y Cohetes (Odd and ends by Gilbert, Jaime and Mario Hernandez)
Once you've read all of the above, you should continue with Love and Rockets: New Stories, was has been the annual, ongoing home for all-new Hernandez brothers' comics since 2008. Each issue features 100 pages of new Hernandez brothers material.
Love and Rockets: New Stories #1
Love and Rockets: New Stories #2
Love and Rockets: New Stories #3
Love and Rockets: New Stories #4
Love and Rockets: New Stories #5
Love and Rockets: New Stories #6
Love and Rockets: New Stories #7
If the above Love and Rockets trade paperbacks and Love & Rockets: New Stories don't sate your appetite, we have many more books for you!
God & Science: Return of the Ti-Girls
The Love Bunglers
These two stand-alone Jaime Hernandez graphic novels collect material from Love & Rockets: New Stories that has yet to be included in the Love and Rockets library trade paperbacks.
High Soft Lisp
Children of Palomar
Julio's Day
Each of these above stand-alone graphic novels by Gilbert feature work not yet collected into the Love and Rockets trade paperback series.
The Love and Rockets Companion: 30 Years and Counting
Love and Rockets: The Covers
To mark the 30th anniversary of Love and Rockets in 2012, we released these two "companion" books for longtime fans. 
Chance in Hell
The Troublemakers
Love From the Shadows
Maria M. Book 1
Maria M. Book 2 (not yet released)
These original, standalone graphic novels were never serialized in Love and Rockets but each is presented as a fictional, hard-boiled "B-movie" starring Gilbert's actress character (and Luba's sister), Fritz.