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Massive: Gay Erotic Manga and the Men Who Make It [New Printing Pre-Order]
Massive: Gay Erotic Manga and the Men Who Make It [New Printing Pre-Order]
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Black River
Black River
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The Kurdles
The Kurdles
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Harvey Kurtzman: The Man Who Created MAD and Revolutionized Humor in America
Harvey Kurtzman: The Man Who Created MAD and Revolutionized Humor in America
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Intruders Join Josh Simmons at Fantagraphics Bookstore
Written by Larry Reid | Filed under Josh SimmonsFantagraphics Bookstoreeventsart shows 22 Apr 2015 12:19 PM

Join us this Saturday, April 25 at Fantagraphics Bookstore & Gallery from 6:00 to 8:00 PM as we celebrate the publication of Josh Simmons' new graphic novel, Black River, and the release of Intruder #15. Festivities include a display of Simmons' original drawings, a black light room, short film screening, a book signing, and complimentary refreshments.


Josh will be joined by his colleagues from the Intruder comix collective presenting their latest issue. The free Intruder tabloid publishes the work of Seattle's most accomplished contemporary cartoonists. Simmons contributes a story in the latest issue illustrated by Joe Garber.


Fantagraphics Bookstore & Gallery is located at 1201 S. Vale Street in the heart of Seattle's historic Georgetown arts community. Open daily 11:30 to 8:00 PM, Sundays until 5:00 PM. Phone 206.658.0110. See you on Saturday.

CAKE Bake Auction
Written by Anna Pederson | Filed under Lilli CarréLane MilburnJaime HernandezIvan BrunettiGilbert HernandezeventsEleanor DavisDash ShawartAnders Nilsen 22 Apr 2015 11:21 AM

cake bake

Saturday, April 25th

Chicago, IL - A strong comics community exists in Chicago, and for the third year in a row it's banding together again for the annual fundraiser to support CAKE or, Chicago Alternative Comics Expo. This year features a delicious lineup of artists auctioning off original works during a silent and live bidding, with all proceeds going to this year's CAKE.

Doors at No Nation open at 7 PM, and the show begins at 8 with performances by John Porcellino, Sarah Heymann, Ben Marcus and auctioneer Lyra Hill. There'll also be music by El is a Sound of Joy. Admission starts with a $5 suggestion, but a full $20 donation will enter the individual into a raffle for prizes from Bred PressGraham CrackersQuimby's and Spudnik Press

The live auction will feature 20-30 pieces of beautiful work that has been donated by Chicago artists such as Lane MilburnLilli CarreIvan Brunetti and Anders Nilsen.

lili cakemilburn cake

(Lilli Carre and Lane Milburn)

All the proceeds from the auction go right back into the event, making it possible for the organization to bring out special guests and create programming and workshops. This years special guests include Jaime HernandezGilbert HernandezEleanor Davis, and Dash Shaw

CAKE takes places June 6th-7th, and this FREE show is open to the public from 11 AM-6 PM. More details about Fantagraphics at CAKE to come! In the meantime, consider making a stop at CAKE Bake this Saturday, and get loaded up on excellent art treats that'll satisfy more than just a sweet tooth.

cake poster 

Nominees Announced for 2015 Eisner Awards
Written by Sonia Lei | Filed under Untagged  21 Apr 2015 10:00 PM
"Among publishers, DC, Marvel, and Fantagraphics top the list with the most nominations. DC and Vertigo/DC have 14 plus 4 shared. Marvel can boast 12 nominations plus 6 shared. Fantagraphics’ 15 nominations include 3 in the Graphic Album–Reprint category and 6 in the two archival categories. " Read more at Comic-Con.

Best Anthology
edited by Ann Ishii, Chip Kidd, & Graham Kolbeins 

Best Reality-Based Work
Hip Hop Family Tree Vol.2 
by Ed Piskor 

Best Graphic Album—Reprint

How To Be Happy 
by Eleanor Davis
by Jim Woodring 
Sock Monkey
by Tony Millionaire 

Best Archival Collection/Project—Strips (at least 20 years old)
by Walt Kelly, edited by Carolyn Kelly & Eric Reynolds 
Mickey Mouse
by Floyd Gottfredson, edited by David Gerstein & Gary Groth 

Best Archival Collection/Project—Comic Books (at least 20 Years Old)
edited by Gary Groth, with Mike Catron 
 Trail of the Unicorn
by Carl Barks, edited by Gary Groth 
 Son of the Sun
by Don Rosa, edited by David Gerstein 
by Wallace Wood et al.,edited by Gary Groth, with Mike Catron 

Best Lettering
Max, Vapor  

Best Comics-Related Periodical/Journalism
edited by Dan Nadel & Timothy Hodler  

Best Comics-Related Book
 Creeping Death
by Greg Sadowski 
Best Publication Design 


designed by Tony Ong 

FU News!
Written by RJ Casey | Filed under Richard SalaFU Press 21 Apr 2015 10:48 AM
If you remember back in September, we launched our micro imprint Fantagraphics Underground Press. 

FU Press is a return to our roots—publishing work by relatively unknown cartoonists that's innovative, quirky, idiosyncratic, oddball, experimental, or downright crazy; work by established cartoonists that's simply off-kilter or too obscure to sustain a mass market release; or archival work by significant cartoonists who have been overlooked and that might overwise be short-shrifted due to the commercial demands of the traditional marketplace. These books will only be available in comic stores, at conventions, and on our website.

So far we have published three FU books: Jason Karns' Fukitor, Jonah Kinigstein's The Emperor's New Clothes, and Richard Sala's Violent Girls. There are plenty of exciting projects on the horizon, so if you'd like the latest FU updates make sure to check out our new Facebook page.

No one represents FU more than the aforementioned Jonah Kinigstein with his brutal skewering of the artists, curators, and critics that made up the modern art movement of the 20th century. A documentary feature has been made focusing on Kinigstein's art, involvement with Fantagraphics, and his show at New York's Society of Illustrators. You can watch it now.

Until next time... FU, buddy! 

SALE: Celebrate 4/20 with 20% off Megahex
Written by Sonia Lei | Filed under Simon HanselmannsaleMegahex420 20 Apr 2015 4:20 PM


Unlike Megg, make an excellent life decision. Get your favorite occult, stoner comics at a discount. For one day only, you can get 20% off your Megahex order. Sale is on until the witching hour (midnight PST) tonight!


Check-ch-check-check-check-ch-check it out
Written by Sonia Lei | Filed under Hip Hop Family TreeEd Piskor 20 Apr 2015 2:34 PM
Ad-Rock (Adam Horovitz of the Beastie Boys) with his copy of Hip Hop Family Tree
Get yours here .
Now in Stock: Black River by Josh Simmons
Written by Sonia Lei | Filed under Now in stockJosh SimmonsBlack River 20 Apr 2015 1:52 PM

Just arrived and shipping now from our mail-order department:

Black River by Josh Simmons 

Black River

by Josh Simmons

112-page black and white 6.5" x 8.5" softcover

$18.99 | 978-1-60699-833-5 

See previews/order now 

Josh Simmons returns with his first full-length graphic novel since 2007's acclaimed House. A group of women, one man, and two dogs are making their way through a post-apocalyptic world in search of a city that supposedly still has electricity and some sort of civilization. Along the way, they go to a comedy club, take a drug called Gumdrop, and encounter gangs of men who are fools, lunatics, or murderous sadists. In other words, all manner of terrors.

Josh Simmons is one of the field's most distinctive voices in the genre of horror (The Furry Trap, House),and this full-length graphic novel is his best work yet, echoing director John Carpenter's perfect tick-tock pacing, as well as Shirley Jackson's ability to transcend genre and turn it into literature. 

This Week's Press Highlights
Written by Britta Barrett | Filed under pressOlivier SchrauwenLucy KnisleyEightballDisplacementDaniel ClowesArsène Schrauwen 16 Apr 2015 10:43 AM

Daniel Clowes created the cover art for The Stranger this week

 The Stranger cover art by Daniel clowes

Inside you'll find a fantastic interview by Sean Nelson who calls The Complete Eightball "the stunningly smart and innovative comic that did what almost no other comic seemed able to do at the time: enter the culture of people who didn't like comics."

Read more: The Masterpiece That Helped Transform Comics and Culture

 The Complete Eightball

Over at the Seattle Weekly, Roger Downey writes that "It's an early but by no means immature work, establishing Clowes as perhaps the best exemplar extant of the underground-comic sensibility of the late 20th century."

Read more: Time in a Box: Fantagraphics Collect the First 18 Issues of Daniel Clowes' Eightball

  Displacement by Lucy Knisley

You can listen to an interview with Lucy Knisley on NPR's Fresh Air as she discusses her latest travelogue, Displacement

Listen here: 'Displacement': The Frustrations, Fears and Absurdities Of A Cruise Upended 

Arsène Schrauwen

Joe McCulloch reviews Arsène Schrauwen by Olivier Schrauwen in American Book Review, writing "This is a book of imagination and tale-telling."

Read more: A Silly Clown  

Walt Disney's Donald Duck: The Pixilated Parrot By Carl Barks- First Look
Written by Britta Barrett | Filed under Walt Disneys Donald DuckPixilated ParrotFirst LookFantagraphicsDonald DuckDisneyComing SoonClassic ComicsCarl Barks 15 Apr 2015 2:01 PM

Walt Disney's Donald Duck: The Pixilated Parrot (The Complete Carl Barks Disney Library Vol. 9) - Cover

Walt Disney's Donald Duck: The Pixilated Parrot (The Complete Carl Barks Disney Library Vol. 9) - Inside Page

Take a first look at The Pixilated Parrot , the latest volume of Carl Barks' clever cartoons. When Donald gives Uncle Scrooge a parrot for his birthday, hijinks quickly ensue as the feathered troublemaker escapes—with the combination to Scrooge's vault! Donald and his nephews set out to recover the bird—an adventure that will take them on a most unexpected journey to the far reaches of the globe. This handsome volume also contains one of Barks' finest stories—Vacation Time (it has its own Wikipedia entry )—about a wilderness outing gone awry.

Walt Disney's Donald Duck: "The Pixilated Parrot " (The Complete Carl Barks Disney Library Vol.9) will hit shelves in May but is available for pre-order now. This book will be a perfect backseat companion for family road trips this summer— though we hope your travels will involve less mischief!

Prince Valiant Vol. 11: 1957-1958 by Hal Foster - Cover Uncovered
Written by Britta Barrett | Filed under Prince Valiant Vol 11 1957-1958Prince ValiantHal FosterFantagraphicsCoverComing SoonClassic Comics 15 Apr 2015 2:01 PM

Prince Valiant Vol. 11: 1957-1958 by Hal Foster - Cover

The latest book in Hal Foster’s Prince Valiant series will soon be in stores. In the eleventh volume, our hero (and his dashing pageboy haircut) will travel to Camelot and wage a bloody campaign to secure the Eastern marches. The cover art in this post is just the first of more previews to come. Keep an eye out for more sneak peeks in the coming weeks. Prince Valiant Volume 11: 1957-1958 is expected to ship in May and is available for pre-order now.