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Run Like Crazy Run Like Hell
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Interviews, Forums, Etc.
Browse, read, listen to, watch and/or download interviews with your favorite Fantagraphics artists and personalities as well as forums and lectures on the comics medium and industry.
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Item Title
Interview - Terry Zwigoff's Candid Camera: an unpublished 1995 interview
Diaflogue: Michael Kupperman Exclusive Q&A (2011)
Diaflogue: Jaime Hernandez Exclusive Q&A
Diaflogue: Lorenzo Mattotti Exclusive Q&A
Diaflogue: Megan Kelso exclusive Q&A
Diaflogue: Leslie Stein exclusive Q&A about Eye of the Majestic Creature
Diaflogue: Wilfred Santiago exclusive Q&A about 21
Diaflogue: Joe Daly exclusive Q&A
Diaflogue: Stan Sakai exclusive Q&A
Under the Covers... With Kristin Hersh & Gilbert Hernandez
Diaflogue: Michael Kupperman exclusive Q&A (2010)
Diaflogue: Cathy Malkasian exclusive Q&A
Diaflogue: Charles Schneider - exclusive Q&A about Catalog No. 439
Diaflogue: Kim Deitch exclusive Q&A
Video: Jim Woodring's Weathercraft talk
Diaflogue: Tony Millionaire exclusive Q&A
Diaflogue: Tim Hensley exclusive Q&A
Diaflogue: Peter Bagge exclusive Q&A
Interview - Gilbert Hernandez, 2007 Comic-Con International (audio)
Interview - Jaime Hernandez, 2007 Comic-Con International (audio)
Weirdos: Seattle’s Alternative Comics Culture in the Context of R. Crumb’s Underground
Comics Forum: "R. Crumb's Underground," March 27, 2008 (audio)
Interview - Hate Q&A with Peter Bagge (1997)
Exclusive Flog interview with Drew Friedman
Interview - Jim Woodring (1993)
Interview - Peter Bagge (1993)
Interview - Three Questions with Peter Bagge (2007)
Interview - Joe Sacco, October 27, 2007 (audio & video)
Interview - Kim Deitch, August 31, 2007 (video)
Interview - Los Bros. Hernandez (1988)
MOME Interview 6: Tim Hensley
MOME Interview 5: Andrice Arp
MOME Interview 4: Jonathan Bennett
MOME Interview 3: Kurt Wolfgang
MOME Interview 2: Gabrielle Bell
MOME Interview 1: Paul Hornschemeier
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