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Sneak peek photos: Bottomless Belly Button
Written by Mike Baehr | Filed under previewsnew releasesDash Shaw 22 Apr 2008 1:43 PM

For those of you who weren't able to see it in person at NYCC, we've posted a big set of photos of Dash Shaw's Bottomless Belly Button on Flickr. Check them out to get a sense of the texture and volume of this hefty book, plus a sneak peek at some interior pages: for a Flickr slideshow, click here, or to browse manually, click here.

Bottomless Belly Button by Dash Shaw - Bottomless Belly Button by Dash Shaw -

Oregonian on Most Outrageous
Written by Eric Reynolds | Filed under reviewsBob Levin 22 Apr 2008 8:48 AM


Steve Duin of The Oregonian has the first review of Bob Levin's Most Outrageous: The Trials and Trespasses of Dwaine Tinsley and Chester the Molester that I've seen, and I couldn't agree with it more. 

Sketchbook #24
Written by Eric Reynolds | Filed under Colleen Cooverart 22 Apr 2008 8:42 AM

Courtesy Colleen Coover:


NYCC photos
Written by Mike Baehr | Filed under events 21 Apr 2008 1:08 PM

Our little stuffed pal Bully visited our booth at New York Comic-Con and took lots of pictures.

 I'll make base camp here by the Thrizzles, and climb to the Popeye summit tomorrow morning.

Steve Brodner's Naked Campaign
Written by Mike Baehr | Filed under videoSteve Brodner 21 Apr 2008 11:54 AM

Steve Brodner's brilliance is on full display in this series of YouTube videos called "The Naked Campaign" presented by the New Yorker. Here's the most recent installment:

Sketchbook #23
Written by Eric Reynolds | Filed under Jasonart 21 Apr 2008 9:29 AM

Courtesy Jason:

Show and Tell, Pt. 8
Written by Eric Reynolds | Filed under Untagged  20 Apr 2008 8:20 PM

Here's a cool Frank King postcard from 1943 that I picked up so long ago I know longer remember where:

J.R. Williams' "Felyna"
Written by Eric Reynolds | Filed under webcomicsJR Williams 20 Apr 2008 3:44 PM


Holy CrapJ.R. Williams has a new webcomic, "Felyna."


Life as a Deitch.
Written by Jacob Covey | Filed under Simon DeitchKim DeitchGene Deitch 20 Apr 2008 11:35 AM



Learn all about Gene Deitch 's Terrytoons days, including his reflections on a young Ralph Bakshi ("a minor cel painter, and not a very good one"), over on his site dedicated to "How to Succeed in Animation."

Above is an obscure 1957 CBS promotional photograph of Gene drawing Tom Terrific (or Terr'ble Thompson if you use your imagination) with his young sons Kim and Simon. Wotta family!

Sketchbook #22
Written by Eric Reynolds | Filed under art 19 Apr 2008 11:09 PM

Courtesy David Collier. This one requires a bit of explanation, it refers to a somewhat notorious comix house, referred to as "the Green House" (a.k.a. "Rathutch" and "Crabbpot") occupied at one point or another by folks including myself, Jeremy Eaton, J.R. Williams, Pat Moriarity, Al Columbia, and others. At one point, rumor had it that the house was going to be razed, and I told this to Dave Collier just as I was asking him to draw in my book. Dave had stayed at the house several times (it was a major crashpad) and was fond of it. The house never was razed and sits just a few blocks from where I live now.