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Adam Grano's Blog

Photoshop is evil (case #10957)
Written by Adam Grano | Filed under Untagged  12 Jul 2010 2:35 PM


Even us comic/video game nerds and nerdettes are not free from Photoshop's nipping and tucking. Apparently, "words" were no longer enough -- pictures are now worth 1,000 venomous lies.

Cosplay before-and-after []

"Just buy this book."
Written by Adam Grano | Filed under Captain Easy 25 May 2010 12:25 PM



I promise I didn't write the review above. I do, however, agree with it.

Greenwood art walk tomorrow night!
Written by Adam Grano | Filed under Untagged  13 May 2010 1:37 PM
Many  Seattle artists (including three Fantagraphics employees -- Jacob, Jenny, and myself) joined forces to create a series of illustrations for 826 Seattle and the Greenwood art walk. There is a piece depicting each of the planets in our solar system (plus Earth's moon) and they all have been made into postcards which can be purchased here:

Also, if you are in the area and have the time, please come out to the Greenwood Space Travel Supply Co. this Friday evening for the opening reception and to see original art and prints from the project (for sale CHEAP). The weather is forecasted to be completely perfect for an evening walk in Greenwood.

An open letter to Terry Nantier of NBM:
Written by Adam Grano | Filed under Untagged  28 Apr 2010 10:07 PM




Dear Terry,

We have never met in person, but, if I can base anything on the books you publish, you are a decent fellow, and, in the wee hours of my 9-month anniversary with my lovely girlfriend, I'd like to make a public appeal to you to allow me to design NBM's upcoming SMURFS books. If I'm too late with this appeal, then ... bummer, but I just heard about your project yesterday (at which time, I made a pseudo-public appeal to you on the COMICS COMICS blog. If it helps, I would happily work for a pittance -- this is the comics industry after all.

I hope this doesn't seem like a crude way to propose this idea to you, and I hope I'm not stepping on anyone's toes (especially the designers at NBM). This is simply the most public forum I have available to me, and I think some people might support me on this. If I'm wrong, I will back away respectfully and look forward to the book nonetheless.

I just kinda love the Smurfs.

That feels strange to say, but I really do have a soft spot for the little blue halflings. I grew up on them. Here's proof:

"According to the USA Network's "Cartoon Express," Smurfs are four apples tall. This is FALSE assuming Gargamel is of the average human height (+/- 4"). Maybe four CRABapples tall. But not four red delicious-es."

That is NOT from the Smurfs Wikipedia page. That is from a a dusty corner of my brain. I would treat this project with respect, like Seth did with Peanuts, or Jacob Covey would with a TMNT book (attn: Nickelodeon -- get on that one).

All best,


P.S. If being pitiful will help: I broke a rib two weeks ago and I'm still two-to-four weeks from being healed. Ouch!

P.P.S. Also, the prospect of this is making my nine-month anniversary with my girlfriend even better.


Photo at the top taken by me. Larger version HERE. 

Written by Adam Grano | Filed under Untagged  27 Apr 2010 2:47 PM




Above is the cover to the ARC version of A DRUNKEN DREAM. See it larger here: 

I implore everyone, regardless of your feelings about manga (attn: JACOB), to look through A DRUNKEN DREAM when it's released. Moto Hagio's line is confident and graceful. The material is gorgeous and I'm trying to do it justice (but even if I botch the design, it's going to be a great book).

And we should all applaud Matt Thorn and Dirk Deppey for first exposing us (or me anyway, if I missed the bus earlier) to Moto Hagio's work way back in TCJ #269.


Flickr-graphics Books
Written by Adam Grano | Filed under Untagged  7 Apr 2010 12:49 PM

I'm something like 6 years late to the party, but Flickr is home to a very lively (and surprisingly artistically-inclined) community. It also seems to be an oasis of civility on the internet.
But what you, gentle Flog-reader, may not know is that you can use Flickr to keep up with many of the people who make your favorite comic-books happen:
With a little digging, you'll find a large selection of Fanta-related photos at the links above (and even the non-Fanta stuff is worth looking at, if you can believe it).
Above photo by me. 

A new game for everyone:
Written by Adam Grano | Filed under Untagged  5 Mar 2010 10:14 AM


EMOTI-COMICS (in the comments)!!

Above is my first entry. It's a relationship comic in the vein of Blankets.

Oh what a job this is.
Written by Adam Grano | Filed under Untagged  4 Mar 2010 9:49 AM


Even though I'm gluten-free and can't eat these, they warm my heart.

[A no-prize to anyone who can name where the title of this post comes from. No fair googling!]

We're halfway through the week... have a good Lil Wayne-sday!!
Written by Adam Grano | Filed under Untagged  3 Mar 2010 2:30 PM

From "Talkin' About it":

"These *****s is ducks, and you can call me Scrooge 'cause I'm swimmin' in bucks. B****!"

Written by Adam Grano | Filed under Untagged  25 Feb 2010 11:30 PM

If you haven't already (or even if you have), please check out PROFANITY HILL (again). It a great new Seattle-centric zine distro/community spearheaded by Fantagraphics' own Jason T. Miles (censored above). Support the new underground!

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