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janice headley's Blog
the official fantagraphics ambassador of awesome... hiya!

Max Retrospective Opening in Mexico
Written by janice headley | Filed under Maxevents 25 Oct 2011 11:13 AM

Max Retrospective Exhibition in Mexico

We're excited to announce that acclaimed Spanish cartoonist Max has a retrospective exhibition opening in Mexico this November!

Panóptica will feature his work from 1973-2011, telling the story of the artist born as Francesc Capdevila, from his beginnings in the underground scene of Barcelona in the '70s, to his work on El Víbora (The Viper) in the '80s, to now!  The exhibit features 120 original pieces, including posters, childrens books, magazine illustrations, and more.

Panóptica was previously shown at the MuVIM in Valencia, and will be moving to the Centro Cultural de España [ Guatemala, 18 col. Centro Histórico, Ciudad de México ], opening on Thursday, November 3rd, and running through January 2012.

Vapor by Max (Fantagraphics Books)

And, yes! Fantagraphics will be publishing his upcoming graphic novel Vapor in Spring 2012!

Megan Kelso at the Richard Hugo House This Friday
Written by janice headley | Filed under Megan Kelsoevents 24 Oct 2011 11:13 AM

The Haves and the Have Nots with Megan Kelso

Does having it all ever equal happiness?

That is the question that Fantagraphics artist Megan Kelso will be addressing this Friday, October 28th at the Richard Hugo House in Seattle.

It's the first of four Hugo Literary Series evenings, with Megan joined by National Book Award-winning novelist and philosopher Charles Johnson, and queer spoken word luminary Tara Hardy, with music presented by David Nixon from the band "Awesome."

Together, they'll be exploring the theme of "The Haves and the Have Nots," and you can join them starting at 7:30 PM at the Richard Hugo House [ 1634 11th Avenue, Seattle ]. Both series passes and individual tickets are available.

Stop Crime with Michael Kupperman Tomorrow Night!
Written by janice headley | Filed under Michael Kuppermanevents 24 Oct 2011 8:13 AM

Michael Kupperman

Take a bite out of crime with the brand-new monthly comedy series The Crime Stoppers Club with our own Michael Kupperman, teaming up with Kate Beaton!

This dutiful duo debuts the club this Tuesday, October 25th at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre East [ 153 East 3rd Street, New York City] at 7:00 PM, joined by Julia Wertz, Sam Grittner, and (my favorite!) Ted Travelstead. Click here to make an online reservation. There will be a stand-by line for the show.

Join The Crime Stoppers Club every month in New York City for comedy and comics! You can follow them here on Facebook.

Nursery Rhyme Comics Show TONIGHT at Secret Headquarters!
Written by janice headley | Filed under Tony MillionaireStan SakaiJordan CraneJaime Hernandezevents 21 Oct 2011 2:03 PM

Nursery Rhyme Comics show at Secret Headquarters

Join Fantagraphics artists Jaime Hernandez, Jordan Crane, Tony Millionaire, and Stan Sakai tonight at Secret Headquarters in L.A.!

They'll be signing copies of the new First Second title Nursery Rhyme Comics, an anthology featuring 50 classic nursery rhymes as depicited by 50 of your favorite comic artists.  And their original artwork will be on display tonight for the signing!

So, don't sit on a wall and have a great fall, or fetch a pail of water and go tumbling after --- just head to Secret Headquarters [ 3817 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles ] tonight at 7 PM!

The Comic Confessions of Miss Lasko-Gross
Written by janice headley | Filed under Miss Lasko-Grossevents 21 Oct 2011 11:13 AM

Jewish Women Artists & the Graphic Diaries

As we mentioned on the FLOG earlier this month, there's a wonderful exhibit at the Yeshiva University Museum titled Graphic Details: Confessional Comics by Jewish Women, featuring Fantagraphics artists Miss Lasko-Gross, Aline Kominsky-Crumb, Trina Robbins, and Diane Noomin.

And this Monday, October 24th, you can join Miss Lasko-Gross, as well as Ariel Schrag, Miriam Katin, and Lauren Weinstein for the panel "Close & Personal: Jewish Women Artists & their Graphic Diaries."

There's an exhibition viewing at 6:00 PM, followed by the panel at 6:30 PM. Admission is free with advance reservation.  The Yeshiva University Museum is located in the Center for Jewish History [ 15 West 16th Street, between 5th and 6th Ave ]. 

Twain in the Membrane: Greenlight Bookstore Tomorrow!
Written by janice headley | Filed under Michael Kuppermanevents 19 Oct 2011 8:27 AM

Twain in the Membrane with Michael Kupperman

Full steam ahead! The "Twain in the Membrane" tour is heading for the Greenlight Bookstore in Brooklyn tomorrow night, Thursday, October 20th, and you'll wanna be aboard!

It's part of the literary humor series "Steamboat," a monthly event of "wine-addled, text-based hilarity" hosted by comedian Bob Powers. This month, our (possibly) wine-addled humorist Michael Kupperman will be reading from the (definitely) text-based book Mark Twain's Autobiography 1910-2010!

(As of this writing, we're not sure if Kupperman will be arriving in Twain-garb. As of this writing, we're not sure if he takes those eyebrows off at all.)

He'll also be joined writer Maggie Serota (Onion AV Club, Radar, NY Press, Philadelphia Weekly), and there will be short films by Mitch Magee (actor and director, HBO's Funny Or Die Presents, writer for CollegeHumor, founding member of the improv group Monkeydick).

Get there by 7:30 PM! Greenlight Bookstore is located at 686 Fulton St (at South Portland) in Brooklyn. And, did we mention the wine is FREE?

Go Nuts with Gahan Wilson at The Strand Tomorrow!
Written by janice headley | Filed under Gahan Wilsonevents 19 Oct 2011 8:13 AM

Nuts by Gahan Wilson

You'd be NUTS to miss this event!

Join comics legend Gahan Wilson tomorrow night, Thursday, October 20th, at the great Strand Bookstore in New York City!

He'll be signing and discussing his new book, Nuts, a collection of stories originally published in the National Lampoon’s “Funny Pages” section throughout the 1970s.

Moderating the discussion will be our pal Jesse Pearson, former editor of VICE magazine and contributor to The Comics Journal.

The fun starts at 7:00 PM, and you can either buy the book from The Strand or buy a $10 Strand Gift Card in order to attend this event. Both options admit two people. The event will be located in The Strand's 3rd floor Rare Book Room at 828 Broadway at 12th Street.

Gahan Wilson in the Fantagraphics Offices, 2010
Gahan Wilson in the Fantagraphics office last year!

Twain in the Membrane: Twain About Town!
Written by janice headley | Filed under Michael Kuppermanevents 16 Oct 2011 11:13 AM

Michael Kupperman as Mark Twain at the New York Comic-Con
photo credit: the great Alex Cox from the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund

The reports of Mark Twain's death were greatly exaggerated indeed!  Why, he's been all over the New York area lately, promoting the smash-hit Mark Twain's Autobiography 1910-2010, as transcribed by the wonderful humorist and cartoonist Michael Kupperman.

Here he is, at the New York Comic-Con this past weekend, signing with our friends at the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund...

Michael Kupperman as Mark Twain at the New York Comic-Con
photo credit: M. Sweeney Lawless

...meeting Chewbacca...

Michael Kupperman as Mark Twain at the New York Comic-Con
photo credit: Emily Flake

...Oscar the Grouch...

Michael Kupperman as Mark Twain at the New York Comic-Con
photo credit: M. Sweeney Lawless

... and making lots of new friends! You can check out more photos from his NYCC adventures at Mr. Kupperman's Flickr page.

photo credit: Edwina Hay

And earlier this month, Twain made an appearance at Littlefield in Brooklyn for the Twain in the Membrane Comedy Party:

photo credit: Edwina Hay

Ben Franklin showed up to challenge Twain to a duel, and apparently won by faking a heart attack. 

photo credit: Edwina Hay

There was a Twain-lookalike contest...

photo credit: Edwina Hay

... and as we reported, yes... frog-humping.  Although apparently no one was brave enough to compete! Enjoy tons more awesome pics at photographer Edwina Hay's Flickr page here.

As you can see, things have been zany with our good friend, Twain-y, so stay tuned to the FLOG for future dates in the Twain in the Membrane tour!

Twain in the Membrane: Kupperman at NYCC!
Written by janice headley | Filed under Michael Kuppermanevents 12 Oct 2011 2:01 PM

photo credit: Edwina Hay

We've got an exciting last-minute addition to our already-thrilling Twain in the Membrane tour: Michael Kupperman will make an appearance at the New York Comic-Con this Friday, October 14th, signing copies of his most-recent masterpiece, Mark Twain's Autobiography 1910-2010!

... or WILL HE?  'Cause we've heard tell that a certain Mr. Twain might show up in his place! Those sure are some beautiful eyebrows, Mr. Kupper-- er, Twain.

He'll be signing from 1-3 PM with our good friends at the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund at Booth #1158.

And then at 3:15 PM, head over to the Hasbro Stage for a special NYCC-edition of the cartoon slideshow extravaganza Carousel, hosted by our pal R. Sikoryak! Kupperman will be joined by Sam Henderson, Danny Hellman, and Emily Flake.

As always, stay tuned to the FLOG for future appearances in the Twain in the Membrane tour!

[UPDATE: Mike here, butting in to add the newly-posted flyer and link to more info for the NYCC Carousel performance!]

Carousel at NYCC flyer

Last Week for Hernandez Bros. Exhibit at VCU
Written by janice headley | Filed under Mario HernandezLos Bros HernandezJaime HernandezGilbert Hernandezevents 12 Oct 2011 11:13 AM

Love & Rockets, No. 16

Virginia Commonwealth University is celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month with a special exhibit on The Hernandez Bros.

You can check out the display on the fourth floor of the James Branch Cabell Library [ 901 Park Ave., Richmond, VA ], until the end of the week, Saturday, October 15th.