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Category >> Hergé

Hergé rides again with Peppy and Virginny in Lapinoland
Written by Jen Vaughn | Filed under Hergé 18 Oct 2012 5:06 PM

Peppy and Virginny in Lapinoland

As mentioned in a TCJ thread, we seem to love those, Fantagraphics will be reprinting Peppy and Virginny in Lapinoland by Hergé from 1934. In the first American publication and the first English production since Methuen (Tintin's publisher) released it in the UK in the 1960s, these two troublemakers are sure to win your heart.

Peppy and Virginny, our protagonists and haberdashers, seek out new clientele in the Wild West with the aid of their horse, Bluebell. The pair have multiple run-ins with evil bandits, Indian tribes and much more as engaging funny-animal characters (rabbits and bulldogs and bears, oh my!). Hergé's clear line drawing style of the earliest vintage Tintin albums takes a walk on the farcical side that is hilarious and all-ages (as long as you explain the non-PC 1930s use of the word "Injuns"). 56 full color pages in this beatiful hardcover are definitely worth your while.

Robot 6 saw Kim Thompson's unofficial press release and ran with it. Can't wait until next year? You can always get that one used copy on eBay for for EGADS, that's a lotta money, honey. Better wait.