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Category >> JIS

Hidden Gems Sale spotlight: JIS
Written by Mike Baehr | Filed under sales specialsJIS 13 Jul 2008 11:00 PM

Every day in July we're spotlighting books from our month-long Hidden Gems Sale, wherein we're featuring some of our under-the-radar backlist titles and encouraging you to try them by offering them at a nice discount of 25% off!

Today's installment features another cartoonist who's a best-seller in his native land but relatively unknown here: the Mexican cartoonist known as JIS.

Cats Don't Exist by JIS

Cats Don't Exist

JIS (a pen name for Jose I. Solorzano) made his American debut with this inspired and inspiring slice of psychedelic absurdity. With a childlike mastery of the obvious, an inspired sense of mischief, and hilarious insight into the human divine, Jis' comics at once recall the sensibilities of both Jules Feiffer and Terence McKenna. Deceptively minimalistic, the book collects a handful of comic stories and individual drawings that will nudge the lucky reader gently into a dissonant universe. In the title story, cats replace aliens as bogeymen of the human psyche. "To Our Dear Enemies" is a fulsome thank-you note to censors for infusing boring old sex with such intrigue; "We Woke Up... Married" and "Guilt as an Aphrodisiac" will teach you more about love than Erich Fromm and Barbara Cartland combined; and JIS's epic is "Moons, Loonies, and Angel, which kicks off with the deceptively comforting line, "First, organize your eyes..."

96-page b&w/color 8.5" x 11" softcover
regularly $12.95 • ON SALE $9.71
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