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Adopt a Fantagraphics Editor!
Written by janice headley | Filed under Irwin Chusid 16 Feb 2010 7:56 PM
Irwin Chusid at Fantagraphics Bookstore & Gallery, September 22, 2007
Irwin Chusid, signing one of our fine Jim Flora collections at the Fantagraphics Bookstore & Gallery, September 22, 2007 (The lovely Rhea Patton seen in the background.)
If you've ever fantasized about owning one of our illustrious editors, now's your chance!

Irwin Chusid, the fine editor of our Jim Flora art books, is available for a paid-in-full pledge of $365 or more to WFMU's 2010 MarathonClick here to stake your claim on this fantastic music historian and self-described "landmark preservationist."  Not quite sure what your ownership will entail aside from some pretty sweet bragging rights.