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Artists Authors Thinkers Directors by Paul Hornschemeier - Excerpt
Written by Mike Baehr | Filed under previewsPaul HornschemeierComing Attractions 3 Oct 2013 4:27 PM

If you like smart, creative people, Paul Hornschemeier's portrait collection Artists Authors Thinkers Directors is for you — it's chock full of 'em (and by one of 'em). Paul's been filling up his Daily Forlorn sketch blog with their portraits in a variety of styles (pointillist, cubist, blind continuous line, tiny, etc.), and now we're bringing them to you in a collectable little hardcover.

Our downloadable excerpt gives you a few samples from each of the 4 sections (guess what they are), plus Paul's intro and a page of his end notes for the full flavor of the book. It should be available 3-4 weeks before the big gifty holiday, so pre-order now for plenty of wrapping time.

Artists Authors Thinkers Directors by Paul Hornschemeier