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Captain Easy, Soldier of Fortune Vol. 4 (1941-1943) by Roy Crane - First Look
Written by Mike Baehr | Filed under Roy CraneComing AttractionsCaptain Easy 2 Oct 2013 6:06 PM

Captain Easy Vol. 4 cover photo

Captain Easy Vol. 4 pages photo

Easy & Tubbs are back for one last collection of colorful Sunday strips by Roy Crane in our series of oversized hardcovers cleverly designed to resemble a giant travel journal. Adventure and slapstick, fisticuffs and foolishness, cute women and ugly men, exotic settings and funny sound effects, and yes, there's tigers — Captain Easy, Soldier of Fortune Vol. 4 has it all and it's all pure fun.

Our advance copies are still fresh off the delivery truck, and the main shipment should be arriving around Black Friday, so get ready to bludgeon the other shoppers to get your copy — lickety-whop! — or avoid that mishegas altogether and pre-order right now. (You can also get the complete 4-volume set at a nice discount.)