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Changing of the Guard on Prince Valiant!
Written by Kim Thompson | Filed under Prince Valiant 3 Apr 2012 10:51 AM

Prince Valiant - Thomas Yeates

Beginning Sunday April 1st, the Prince Valiant strip boasts its third ongoing artist (after John Cullen Murphy, 1971-2004, and the just-retired Gary Gianni): Thomas Yeates — perhaps best known to long-time comics fans for his stint on Saga of the Swamp Thing and other DC Comics, but a busy, sought-after illustrator in both comic books and comic strips (including Zorro and Conan). He'd previously followed in Hal Foster's footsteps, drawing Tarzan comics on and off during the last two decades for Dark Horse Comics (including in the issues of Dark Horse Presents that are currently on the stands).

Mark Schultz continues to write the Valiant strip, as he has since 2004.

Of course, upon hearing this news, we immediately roped Yeates into writing an introduction for an upcoming volume of our ongoing series of reprints of the original Foster Prince Valiant.

So if your local paper does not carry this last great adventure comic strip, now's the time to write and email them and demand it.

Prince Valiant - Thomas Yeates