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Colonel Groth in the Boudoir with an Xacto Knife
Written by Eric Reynolds | Filed under staff 28 Dec 2009 10:31 AM

Shortly before Christmas, we had a Fantagraphics holiday party hosted by yours truly and Mrs. Truly. I forgot to take any pictures, which is a shame, because a splendid time was had by all. Most of the Fanta staff was in attendance, with the noticeable exception of Ms. Kristy Valenti, although her presence was most certainly felt, thanks to a gift delivered via partner-in-crime Gavin Lees (apologies in advance for the crappy photo evidence): 

Kristy created a Fantagraphics-themed custom version of the ol' CLUE board game, featuring representations of most of the Fanta office staff and set in the palatial mansion of FBI HQ. As the story begins, Kristy herself has been the victim of foul play, and one of these characters done it:

The remaining questions are of course WHERE and HOW did he/she do it? The board was redesigned to feature all of the main rooms in the office. These two are my favorites:

Gary's Boudoir of course needs no explanation; Kim's office is called the kennel because he shares his office with Ludwig, the Fanta dachshund. The game is rounded out with various potential weapons from the office and custom location cards featuring locations in the mansion.

What else can I say? Kristy rules.