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Daily OCD: 3/18/11
Written by Mike Baehr | Filed under reviewsMark KalesnikoLove and RocketsJohnny RyanJacques TardiGilbert HernandezDaily OCD 18 Mar 2011 4:50 PM

Today's Online Commentary & Diversions:

The Arctic Marauder

Review: "The Arctic Marauder, Fantagraphics’ latest entry in their Tardi line, a wickedly sly take on classic turn-of-the-century pulp adventures that nevertheless manages to both tweak and evoke those stories. It is, in short, a blast to read. [...] Tardi writes... as if he was getting paid by the exclamation point. [...] If the prose were any more purple, it would bruise. But as much fun as the overwrought text is, the art is the book’s main draw. [...] Marauder looks quite unlike any comic you’ve read before." – Chris Mautner, Robot 6

Plug: "Just got a copy of Jacques Tardi's Arctic Marauder in the mail...looks fantastic...bravo @fantagraphics..." – Paul Pope


Review: "The characters [in Freeway] are well crafted, and Kalesniko does a fine job contrasting the reality of his circumstances against his dream scenario — particularly in the case of his own insecurity compared to his dream-vision’s easy-going confidence. The office politics are well played and all too real, and the pages are laid out well, the illustrations suitably charming." – Michael C. Lorah, Newsarama

Love from the Shadows

Review: "In summary, you just have to buy Love from the Shadows, it’s an essential purchase for all comic lovers. Whether you’re a Love & Rockets fan from the early days, or if you’re new to the works of Gilbert Hernandez, there’s something here for everyone. In fact, due to its standalone nature, the book serves as a perfect introduction, if not not to the world of Love & Rockets, then at least to its style. I cannot recommend this book highly enough, it’s a breath-taking masterpiece. It’s like Love & Rockets meets David Lynch’s Mulholland Drive!" – Edward Kaye, Hypergeek

Johnny Ryan

Profile: Johnny Ryan is the subject of the latest Cartoonist Survey at David Baccia's David-Wasting-Paper blog: "[Q:] If you could give one piece of advice to someone who wants to pursue drawing as a career what would it be? [A:] Give lots of rim jobs."