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Daily OCD: 4/19/11
Written by Mike Baehr | Filed under Love and RocketsLorenzo MattottiGilbert HernandezDaily OCD 19 Apr 2011 6:29 PM

Today's Online Commentary & Diversions:

The Raven

Interview: At Torontoist, Courtney Clinton talks to Lorenzo Mattotti about The Raven and other topics in advance of his visit to the city for TCAF: "For me, it comes naturally to portray solitary characters. In the end we are all alone and at a certain point we have to confront this idea. Solitude can also be an inability to communicate with others. It’s probably something I as an artist feel more than most, even if I try to fight these feelings. On a positive note, in a moment of concentration solitude can help us see our own inner depth."

Love and Rockets Library (Palomar Book 3): Beyond Palomar

Reviews/Commentary: At her lisaloves2read blog, Lisa Pollifroni continues delving into Gilbert Hernandez's Love and Rockets mythology, with an examination of "Poison River" in Beyond Palomar and first impressions of the Luba hardcover, plus some additional related thoughts