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Debuting at Comic-Con: SUBLIFE
Written by Eric Reynolds | Filed under John Pham 24 Jul 2008 9:27 PM

Published by Fantagraphics and making its world premiere at Comic-Con this weekend, SUBLIFE is a one person anthology series by John Pham featuring one single, serialized story (221 Sycamore St.) backed up by smaller, hopefully more self-contained strips. It should hit bookstores some time in the Fall, and the first issue will be squarebound, 64 pages, two-color. It'll feature the first part of the Sycamore St serial, as well as a nice two page genre strip called "Deep Space."Here are a few preview jpegs of the strips for your perusal.

John Pham will be signing the only available copies of SUBLIFE for the next couple of months this Friday & Saturday at Comicon at the Fantagraphics Books Booth (1716) at these times:

Friday: 2PM to 3PM
Saturday: 3PM to 5PM