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PREVIEW NIGHT at SDCC 2013 - Fantagraphics Land
Written by Jen Vaughn | Filed under CCI 18 Jul 2013 8:55 AM


Our hands are hot from unpacking this straight-from-the-presses debut books and meeting all you nice people during Preview Night!


If the table's a rockin'....please grab it because its groaning from the weight of our books!


Kristy Valenti holds one of her most recent books Love and Rockets Companion  (co-edited by Marc Sobel) 

Carol and Tom

Abrams ComicsArts' editor Carol Burrell laughs and makes Comics Reporter Tom Spurgeon guffaw at the booth.

GM and DW

Wired's Graeme McMillan and Douglas Wolk go ape shit over Cathy Malkasian's Wake Up, Percy Gloom.

Scott McCloud and Jen Vaughn 

Scott McCloud came to oooohhh and ahhh over books and ask the most difficult question: what is your favorite comic book of the last year (that also came out in that time)? There are so MANY on the Fantagraphics' tables, no? Come see us at booth 1718.

That's all for now but there's lots more to come! Keep it tuned here and especially to our Twitter feed!