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Good Dog, meet Bad Dog, the FBI•MINI by Graham Chaffee
Written by Mike Baehr | Filed under new releasesGraham ChaffeeFBI MINIs 2 Apr 2013 4:04 PM

Bad Dog

Graham Chaffee created a special companion short story for his new graphic novel Good Dog, titled Bad Dog, just for us! We're happy to make it the latest addition to our FBI•MINI series of free bonus minicomics. Order Good Dog from us (or $50 worth of other merchandise) and you can get Bad Dog for free! (It will also be included with the digital edition of Good Dog on comiXology when it's released there in May.)

Bad Dog stars Kirby, bulldog buddy of Good Dog star Ivan, in his very own adventure! Escaping from his yard, he travels far and wide, makes a new pal, and gets into some fur-raising scrapes. It's a charming, action-packed, wordless story with some surprising twists.

Bad Dog interior