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Joe Sacco's Playlist
Written by Eric Reynolds | Filed under Joe Sacco 3 Mar 2010 6:52 AM

I love this playlist of some of Joe Sacco's favorite songs that he put together for the New York Times. For one, Joe cites Wings' "Magneto & Titanium Man," describing it as a song about "made-up superheroes." Joe has to be the only comic book artist in America whom I could believe loves this song yet doesn't recognize Magento and Titanium Man as the iconic Marvel super-villains that they are. Joe, your FOOM card is revoked. I also love it because Joe cites Charlie Patton's "Down the Dirt Road Blues." Around the time Joe was working on Safe Area Gorazde, after one of our hundreds of conversations about music that we've had over the years, Joe gave me a mix tape of classic delta blues that he titled, Feels Like Murder Here. It's a phrase that routinely flitters through my mind... 

I'm listening to the Stones' Exile on Main Street right now, in honor of Mr. Sacco.

Above image: Paul McCartney and Jack Kirby  revoke Joe Sacco's nerd cred.