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Love and Rockets Northeast Tour flyer - free download!
Written by Mike Baehr | Filed under Love and RocketsJaime Hernandez 10 Aug 2012 5:08 PM

Love and Rockets Northeast Tour flyer

Everybody wants the Love and Rockets Northeast Tour flyer! And who can blame them? That iconic Jaime Hernandez artwork and our design wunderkind Tony Ong's coloring and typography are a killer combo. It's not for sale, but here's a free PDF download so you can print your own copy! Let's just say that it's licensed for individual non-commercial use, so no selling your printouts, OK? But if you live in one of the tour cities and want to print out a bunch to give away or even do a little volunteer street-teaming, we and the tour venues would dig that very much. (Please obey local statutes regarding flyering.)