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Love and Rockets: New Stories #7
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Miscellaneous Importance.
Written by Jacob Covey | Filed under Richard SalaRay FenwickKovey Korner 16 Nov 2007 11:38 AM
I have absolutely no use for the perfect coin purse. But Ray Fenwick makes me want things I don't need.

Ray recently guest blogged on one of my favorite sites, Book By Its Cover. There he has summarized his love of Mat Brinkman as such: "I'm always searching for art that gives me both something I understand and something I don't."

I proudly own this enormous etching by Lizz Hickey of an unsettling, beautiful and overwhelming slice of extraterrestrial landscape. It's one of the most dense worlds I could imagine creating, brimming with details that all seem to insinuate life-going-on. Unfortunately that image is not on her Flickr page. BUT, now she's cranking out nearly 100 different prints that seem to be microcosms within that crazy world. Close-ups of vague organic forms doing uncertain things. I like it. As an acquaintance of mine might say, I understand it and I don't understand it.

Richard Sala is on Flickr proving that as a youth he would photo-document rogue dinosaurs trampling the neighbor's car.

Joshua Glenn points out this new dream collection of Winsor McCay's Dream of the Rarebit Fiend strips. I may have already mentioned that Josh also co-wrote this book which I've yet to see but sounds terrific: "Taking Things Seriously: 75 Objects with Unexpected Significance." Short essays about treasured possessions, by artists, designers, writers and performers-- including our own Tony MIllionaire, Bill Griffith, Mark Newgarden, and Jimbo book designer Helene Silverman. [ I would have included my collection of 200 uncut polaroids of people sitting for passport photos. But I wasn't asked now was I? ]

From London to Chicago, the Allegoric show opens and closes on Friday night. 300 small works from the likes of Travis Millard, Chris Kerr, Mel Kadel, Matt Feyld, etc.

Three man show at Secret Project Robot in Brooklyn. "Overboard" features Steak Mountain, Blain Vandenberg and Bridget Donahue. (Deal with the maze that is their website at your own peril!)

GRNY has a Jen Corace show opening Saturday and on Tuesday the 20th an Edward Bak release party for "Service Industry."