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Maria M. Book 1 by Gilbert Hernandez - Excerpt
Written by Mike Baehr | Filed under previewsLove and RocketsGilbert HernandezComing Attractions 13 Sep 2013 1:54 PM

Consensus is that 2013 is the Year of Gilbert Hernandez, and his roll continues with a brand-new original graphic novel, Maria M. Book 1, the latest in his "Fritz B-Movie" series. These books are stand-alone stories that spin off from his long-running continuity, so they can be enjoyed by new readers and longtime fans alike. This newest volume is of especial interest to old-school Love and Rockets aficionados, seeing as how it's a retelling of the classic "Poison River" story (which can be found in Beyond Palomar) as adapted into a b-movie (told in comic form). And the star of the picture just happens to be portraying her own mother. Somebody call a psychologist... oh wait, she used to be one!

Presenting a special reel of preview footage — er, that is, a 13-page excerpt — for you to view and download. This book should arrive in stores in November (with Book 2 due in 2015); get a jump on the action by pre-ordering right here.

Maria M. Book 1 by Gilbert Hernandez