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More Wordstock
Written by Mike Baehr | Filed under events 14 Nov 2007 12:47 PM
Eric's been having trouble with Blogger, so he asked me to post these pictures he took at Wordstock. Captions by Eric.

Our stunning display of awesomeness:

Fantagraphics Books, Wordstock 2007, Portland OR

Leigh Walton of Top Shelf:

Leigh Walton of Top Shelf, Wordstock 2007, Portland OR

Our pals Rhonda Hughes and Adam O'Connor Rodriguez of Hawthorne Books:

Hawthorne Books, Wordstock 2007, Portland OR

Friends Chelsea Cain and Diana Abu-Jaber talk on the Borders stage:

Chelsea Cain & Diana Abu-Jaber, Wordstock 2007, Portland OR

Eli Horowitz of McSweeney's:

Eli Horowitz of McSweeney's, Wordstock 2007, Portland OR