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Newave! The Underground Mini Comix of the 1980s - Previews, Pre-Order
Written by Mike Baehr | Filed under videopreviewsnew releases 12 Jan 2010 7:50 AM

Newave! The Underground Mini Comix of the 1980s

Now available for preview and pre-order: Newave! The Underground Mini Comix of the 1980s. This chunky little hardcover weighs in at nearly 900 pages of the best small press cartoonists to emerge in the 1970s, documenting the explosive, unrestrained output of underground comix' DIY second generation with comix galore as well as several informative interviews. Click here to read the full Table of Contents, and here to read the Introduction by editor Michael Dowers. Download an exclusive 36-page PDF excerpt with samples from throughout the book right here (2 MB). This book is scheduled to be in stock and ready to ship in early February and in stores roughly the same time (subject to change).

View a photo & video slideshow preview of the book embedded here. Click here if it is not visible, and/or to view it larger in a new window (recommended).