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Tales Designed to Thrizzle extra fun downloads: wallpapers, funny ads
Written by Mike Baehr | Filed under wallpapersMichael Kupperman 29 Apr 2010 1:56 PM

There's a two-page spread of wallpaper designs in the forthcoming 6th issue of Michael Kupperman's Tales Designed to Thrizzle and what kind of fun would we be if we didn't offer up a couple for your computer desktop? No kind, that's what. And they're one size fits all! If you're on a PC, right-click the image and select "Set As Background"; if you're on a Mac, control+click and select "Set As Desktop Background." Set your background to tile or repeat and voila, the pattern on your screen!

"Here's Looking at You, Kid":

Tales Designed to Thrizzle wallpaper - Michael Kupperman

"Disco Veggies":

Disco Veggies - Tales Designed to Thrizzle wallpaper - Michael Kupperman

We also thought it might be fun to take a couple of the fake ads from the issue and turn them into banner ads for the web. Put them on your website and baffle your readers! (And link them to if you don't mind.)

Slightly Cursed Merchandise - Tales Designed to Thrizzle - Michael Kupperman - Fantagraphics Books

Industrial Ghost Costumes Inc. - Tales Designed to Thrizzle - Michaei Kupperman - Fantagraphics Books