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The Complete Peanuts 1991-1994 Gift Box Set (Vols. 21-22)
The Complete Peanuts 1991-1994 Gift Box Set (Vols. 21-22)
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Sock Monkey: Into the Deep Woods
Sock Monkey: Into the Deep Woods
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Set to Sea [Softcover Ed.]
Set to Sea [Softcover Ed.]
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The Complete Peanuts 1993-1994 (Vol. 22)
The Complete Peanuts 1993-1994 (Vol. 22)
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The Complete Crumb Comics Vol. 8 by Robert Crumb - Now in Stock
Written by Mike Baehr | Filed under Robert Crumbnew releases 8 Oct 2013 4:23 PM

Just arrived and shipping now from our mail-order department:


The Complete Crumb Comics Vol. 8: The Death of Fritz the Cat
by Robert Crumb

144-page black & white/color 8.5" x 11" softcover • $19.99

Previews TK / Order Now!

The Complete Crumb Comics Vol. 8: The Death of Fritz the Cat continues the multi-volume series comprising the complete works of the legendary cartoonist R. Crumb, one of America's most original, trenchant, and uncompromising satirists. The series includes the earliest, heretofore unpublished comic strips, as well as his underground comix, dramatic and autobiographical strips, and his classic cartoon creations Fritz the Cat and Mr. Natural. This volume features work from 1971 and 1972.

"So you probably wanna know something about the artistic development of Crumb during this period... Well, the early '70s was a bleak period in general... The grim end of the fabulous '60s and for Robert the big bringdown 'hangover' of his first brush with fame, plus dealing with his chaotic messed-up personal life. He was confused, distracted, bitter, and generally in a foul mood. He killed 'Fritz the Cat' after the Ralph Bakshi cartoon debacle. He also did a lot of weird visual experimentation, like all those cubist eyeballs 'n' stuff, and he wrote some classic long stories like 'Whiteman Meets Bigfoot.' I think he did his first long, truly autobiographical story -- 'The Confessions of R. Crumb' -- around this time. That whiny, self-deprecating attitude was encouraged and inspired by me and Terry Zwigoff (two totally self-loathing Jews). For those of you who hate that aspect of Crumb and prefer the more cosmic stuff, or the historical stuff, or the real sicko stuff... you can blame it on me! I encouraged that 'white boy' to kvetch on paper." – from the Introduction by Aline Kominsky-Crumb

1993 Harvey Award Winner, Best Domestic Reprint Project