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The FantaBucks 2-for-1 Coupon - $50 for a coupon good for $100 toward your next order!
Written by Mike Baehr | Filed under sales specials 12 Apr 2013 1:07 PM

FantaBucks 2-for-1 Coupon offer

You know those websites that offer "coupons" to "groups" or "groups" of "coupons"? We're trying our own special home-grown version of that for a very limited time (April 12-15, 2013)! Here's the deal:

Each FantaBucks 2-for-1 Coupon costs just $50 and gets you a unique coupon code worth $100 toward your next purchase of $100 or more (not including shipping) here on! That's like getting half off $100 worth of merchandise! You can buy as many coupons as you like, but you can only use one coupon per order and you must redeem each coupon entirely in a single purchase. You can also buy coupons as gifts — just tell us the recipients' email addresses at checkout. Beginning on Tuesday, April 16, we will email you your personalized coupon code(s).

Important note for 20/20 Club members: with your standard discount, you pay only $40, and so you will receive a coupon in the amount of $80, which, with your discount, is still good for that $100 worth of merchandise. (Paying attention in math class is paying off!)

This is a one-time offer. It may never be repeated.

Monday, April 15, 2013 is the last day to grab this amazing deal, so don't miss out!

(And here's just a tiny sampling of what you can get...) 

what a beautiful gory layout