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Things to See: 2/28/11 Roundup
Written by Mike Baehr | Filed under Tony MillionaireTom KaczynskiThings to seeSteven WeissmanSteve BrodnerSergio PonchioneRenee FrenchNoah Van SciverMichael KuppermanMatthias LehmannMark KalesnikoMarco CoronaLeslie SteinKevin HuizengaJasonHans RickheitGabrielle BellFrank SantoroEleanor DavisDash Shaw 28 Feb 2011 10:58 PM

Michael Kupperman is stepping up the art posts on Twitter, with the "doodle" above and an older strip with the promise of new ones to come (!)

A couple of recent landscapey drawings by Gabrielle Bell (and they're for sale)

An older watercolor sketch (above) and an unused character by Leslie Stein

Album covers and undead Popeye by Tony Millionaire

And more Things to See from the past week:

• New illustrations from Matthias Lehmann at his Bloc-Notes blog

• Odds, ends, outtakes and film reviews by Jason at his Cats Without Dogs blog

Steven Weissman's latest "I, Anonymous" spot and pieces for the Game Over IV show at GRSF on his Chewing Gum in Church blog

Snapshots of recent drawings from Frank Santoro

• Recent sketches by Marco Corona at his Il Canguro Pugilatore blog

• Sketches by Mark Kalesniko (for his new graphic novel Freeway and otherwise) at his blog

• Another page from a Kevin Huizenga "Focus" book at his New Construction blog

Noah Van Sciver is heading to Australia

Drawings, photos from Renee French (and her doctor)

• Some great dedication sketches at Splog!, the Sergio Ponchione Lost Objects Gallery blog

Sketches, portraits, & updates from Steve Brodner

• Daily drawings from Dash Shaw at The Ruined Cast blog

An old strip and other items of note from Hans Rickheit

• Recent sketches by Tom Kaczynski at his Transatlantis blog

• Prints & sketches by Eleanor Davis at her We Be Ouija blog