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Things to See: Introducing Jesse Moynihan
Written by Mike Baehr | Filed under Things to seeMomeJesse Moynihan 10 Aug 2011 4:46 PM

Continuing to add new Mome contributors to the Flog fold, today we look at the work of Jesse Moynihan. Jesse's new book Forming Vol. 1, the first collection of his awesome webcomic, hits comic shops today (published by Nobrow Press out of the UK and distributed in the US by AdHouse):

Forming - Jesse Moynihan

The latest page of Forming:

Forming - Jesse Moynihan

Jesse also does storyboards for one of my 2 current favorite TV shows, Adventure Time! (Click the image to see the whole crazy pan down into the underworld.)

Adventure Time storyboard - Jesse Moynihan

There's a bunch more artwork you can see on his website:

Krull - Lil' Wayne - Jesse Moynihan

Here's a peek at Jesse's story in Mome Vol. 22:

Mome Vol. 22: Fall 2011 - Jesse Moynihan