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Things to See: Paul Hornschemeier's Newcity cover illo and other updates
Written by Mike Baehr | Filed under Things to seePaul Hornschemeiermerchevents 10 Dec 2010 11:08 AM

New City cover illo - Paul Hornschemeier

Several new updates from Paul Hornschemeier at his News and/or Head Lice blog: his cover illustration for Newcity's "Best of Chicago" issue, which features more of his spot illos inside...

The Late Live Show announcement: "Tomorrow night, I'll be at Second City's de Maat Theater for a special, farewell incarnation of The Late Live Show with hosts Joe Kwaczala and C.J. Toledano. [...] I'll be reading a piece thus far entitled 'Advice Column Responses to My Inner Monologues at Various Ages.' I can only guarantee that this will include footy pajamas, urine, fake urine, lion tamers, ironic t-shirts, horrible first dates, attempted thievery, and batman coloring books. I can promise nothing more"...

Cubist fit - Paul Hornschemeier

...and his weekly new t-shirt design for his Forlorn Funnies Shirt Shop.

Hit all those links for more information, embiggenable images, and Paul's always-witty commentary.