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Things to See: REALLY unseen Peanuts
Written by Mike Baehr | Filed under Things to seePeanutsCharles M Schulz 27 Apr 2011 2:47 PM

pre-Peanuts strip by Charles M. Schulz

Dept. of "Whoa": Robot 6 reports on this auction for a piece of never-before-seen artwork by Charles M. Schulz, a "try-out" strip thought to have been done during the transition from Li'l Folks to Peanuts, circa 1949-1950. Click our image above to see it a bit larger (if it looks strangely patched together, that's an artifact of the Flash-based image viewer on the auction page, from which we took screen-grabs).

(Our post title is a reference to Unseen Peanuts, our 2007 Free Comic Book Day offering which we are currently sending out free with orders, with some restrictions, while supplies last — see here for details.)