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Things to see: 11/29/10 roundup
Written by Mike Baehr | Filed under videoThings to seeSteven WeissmanSteve BrodnerSergio PonchioneRenee FrenchRay FenwickPaul HornschemeierMatthias LehmannMarco CoronaLilli CarréLaura ParkJohn HankiewiczJim FloraJasonFrank SantoroEleanor DavisDerek Van GiesonDash Shaw 29 Nov 2010 10:43 PM

• I'm going to go ahead and guess that the next panel says "NN" and going by the spot color that maybe this is a glimpse of the next issue of Ganges from Kevin Huizenga? Also new from Kevin: Fight or Run Post-its

Black Friday Originals Sale!

Ray Fenwick Mascots originals for sale (including the abandoned original cover)

A short looped animation from Lilli Carré (video embedded above)

And more Things to See from the past week:

• Illustrations and other artwork at Matthias Lehmann's Bloc-Notes blog

• Early strips, illustrations, outtakes and film reviews by Jason at his Cats Without Dogs blog

Steven Weissman's latest "I, Anonymous" spots and other things on his Chewing Gum in Church blog

• Harold Gray fan art at John Hankiewicz's Clip Joint blog

• Sketches by Frank Santoro at the Cold Heat Comics blog

• A portrait (?) of Marco Corona's upstairs neighbor at his Il Canguro Pugilatore blog

• Vintage Jim Flora illustrations & artwork at the Jim Flora blog

• Nature sketches with running commentary by Debbie Drechsler at her Just Around the Corner blog

• More sketches for Mark Kalesniko's forthcoming graphic novel Freeway (now up for pre-order!) at his blog

Paul Hornschemeier has two new t-shirt designs available in the Forlorn Funnies Shirt Shop since our last update from his News and/or Head Lice blog

Laura Park and some animal friends on her Flickr page

• Illustrations at Splog!, the Sergio Ponchione Lost Objects Gallery blog

Drawings, sketches, photos from Renee French

• Daily drawings from Dash Shaw at The Ruined Cast blog

A public transportation portrait by Steve Brodner

• Pages and panels by Derek Van Gieson at his These Days I Remain blog

• Some familiar creators post some new Trubble Club collaborative comics

• New sketches by Eleanor Davis at her We Be Ouija blog