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Video: Paul Hornschemeier on The Late Live Show
Written by Mike Baehr | Filed under videoPaul Hornschemeier 13 Oct 2010 4:20 PM

The Late Live Show - Ep 102 - Paul Hornschemeier & David McMillin from The Late Live Show on Vimeo.

As Paul (who has returned to the online world from a short hiatus after such real-life activities as getting married and moving... whatever, dude) describes it on his blog, " can hear me discuss the origins of my comics as a cum-rag, debate the muse of gay mummies, and perform rather poorly in a game of 'Win, Lose, or Draw.' I take the stage around the twenty minute mark, but roughly half the references I make are about bits from earlier in the show, so I wouldn't recommend skipping it (and I'd recommend watching it mainly because it's twenty minutes of solid comedy from a bunch of talented young comedians)."