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Massive: Gay Erotic Manga and the Men Who Make It [New Printing Pre-Order]
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Harvey Kurtzman: The Man Who Created MAD and Revolutionized Humor in America
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The Ignatz Series

Presenting the greatest assemblage of international cartooning ever under one imprint!

A new collection of internationally-produced comics designed midway between comic book "pamphlets" and graphic novels, at a very reasonable price, the "Ignatz" series offers a rotating collection of exciting new series, all produced in a deluxe, oversize two-color format of jacketed saddle-stitched comics on thick, deluxe stock. Each title is 32-pages, 2-color saddlestitched, 8 1/2” x 11", with jacket, priced at $7.95.

Published by Fantagraphics Books (U.S.), Avant Verlag (GERMANY), Vertige (FRANCE), Oog & Blik (HOLLAND), Coconino (ITALY), and Sinsentido (SPAIN).

"Each issue is a triumph of design. They're all beautiful art objects, simply gorgeous to look at and hold. It's hard to imagine a more attractive way to present single-issue comics." – Sequart

"It's a sign of comics' great wealth right now that a series of volumes that would have crushed our hearts with their awesomeness back in the 1990s is merely another great vein of riches today." – The Comics Reporter

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Babel #2 [SOLD OUT]

David B. Obsessed with fantasy and history, David and his brother become fascinated by the Papuan Wars, and David discovers odd metaphorical parallels between those long-ago events and rituals and his brother's struggle with his disease.  Product Details...

Baobab #1

Igort At the turn of the last century, a small, sickly orphan on the outskirts of Tokyo grows up hearing the stories his grandmother tells of her youth as the daughter of a Navy officer. This ambitious project is part of the Ignatz Series.  Product Details...

Baobab #2

Igort Close to a century ago, Southern Parador: Two aspiring cartoonists vow to use this new medium to create amazing works of fantasy and magic, but one of them falls ill, and even his doting sister's help can't get him back on track.  Product Details...

Baobab #3

Igort A young Japanese boy faces a new beginning in Tokyo; meanwhile, with our two South American cartoonist friends, Celestino finds romance amid political oppression while his expatriate friend Pilade reports from America.  Product Details...

Calvario Hills #1

Marti This Spanish cartoonist's hardboiled Chester-Gould-on-crack stylings propel a conspiracy fantasia in which the NRA and an imprisoned drug lord battle over the outcome of a mayoral election. The back-up begins a new "Cabbie" story.  Product Details...

Delphine #2

Richard Sala In the second installment of Sala's dark and suspenseful mini-series, the mysterious traveler, at the mercy of the strange and sinister locals, soon finds himself stranded and alone in the ancient forest, and night is falling...  Product Details...

Delphine #3

Richard Sala Where is Delphine?!? In this penultimate issue of the four-part series, our nameless traveler makes a startling discovery and faces a new horror that drives him to the brink of absolute madness.  Product Details...

Ganges #2

Kevin Huizenga Everyman Glenn Ganges ruminates on the simple times of the dot-com era when the reality of business was propped up by the unreality of addictive technology and hope, in the form of networked first-person shooter video games.  Product Details...

Ganges #3

Kevin Huizenga Glenn Ganges still can't fall asleep. He tries keeping his body still but can't keep his mind from wandering. And when he gets up to try to get some things done, that doesn't go as planned either.  Product Details...

Ganges #4

Kevin Huizenga Definitive proof that you can make an exciting comic out of insomnia. Glenn Ganges continues wrestling with sleeplessness by reading a particularly abstruse book, obsessing over his past, and wandering his house.  Product Details...

Grotesque #1

Sergio Ponchione What if all that we've seen, all that we've experienced, and all that we've read or imagined took on its own reality? Sergio Ponchione offers up one eye-popping moment after another as we plunge down the rabbit hole.  Product Details...

Grotesque #2

Sergio Ponchione A long time ago, a devious late-night pact altered the destiny of small community, its inhabitants forever cursed to live as mere clay in the hands of the capricious Mr. O’Blique and the Wicked Barons. But is change finally afoot?  Product Details...

Grotesque #3

Sergio Ponchione In the second half of the "Cryptic City" epic, Professor Hackensack continues his battle against the Wicked Barons alongside Inspector Doppiofaccio, the mysterious Lady Puzzle, and an unexpected ally from beyond the grave!  Product Details...

Grotesque #4

Sergio Ponchione In the concluding chapter of this dreamworld masterpiece, all the loose ends are wrapped up. Oh, and we also learn the meaning of life — all in Ponchione’s wildly inventive, super-detailed graphics.  Product Details...

I.G.N.A.T.Z. (Free Comic Book Day 2008) - Free Download

Various Artists Our Free Comic Book Day offering for 2008, with excerpts of 2008 titles in our Ignatz Series and exclusive artwork, is now available as a free PDF download.  Product Details...

Insomnia #1

Matt Broersma A fugitive from the law walks a fine line between necessity and the Texas Highway Patrol. Fleeing to Mexico, he may avoid the cops, but will he fall into the clutches of a drug-runner with a taste for floral-print shirts?  Product Details...

Insomnia #2

Matt Broersma An elderly lady-killer, living out his last years in shabby gentility. A mysterious young man wandering aimlessly through an urban wilderness. A chance encounter between two petty lives, each with its own secrets.  Product Details...

Insomnia #3

Matt Broersma The conclusion to a noir triptych. Miles Anderson lives in a safe, predictable world. Then, one evening, his wife disappears. His search for answers leads him deeper and deeper into an abyss of mystery and mounting suspense.  Product Details...

Interiorae #2

Gabriella Giandelli As Christmas approaches, the ghostly rabbit observes the apartment complex tenants, reporting to his shadowy master in the basement. Meanwhile, an older woman has a plan that may intersect the rabbit's world with ours.  Product Details...

Interiorae #3

Gabriella Giandelli Things are getting weirder in the apartment house. Amid the domestic scenes (two teens recording a rock song, a couple breaking up, an old lady seeking inner peace), the supernatural beings who haunt the building grow uneasy.  Product Details...

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