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Book Sites
  Web Link
  Link   21
Official site for Wilfred Santiago's comics biography of baseball great Roberto Clemente.
  Link   Abstract Comics
Official blog of the Abstract Comics anthology edited by Andrei Molotiu.
  Link   Beasts! Blog
Jacob Covey's blog for the Beasts! books.
  Link   Blabworld
Editor Monte Beauchamp's official site for the Blab! series of anthologies.
  Link   Der Struwwelpeter
Official site for Bob Staake's Blab! Storybook.
Paul Karasik's official site for his collections of Fletcher Hanks comics, I Shall Destroy All the Civilized Planets! and You Shall Die by Your Own Evil Creation!
  Link   Hotwire Comics
Official site for the Glenn Head-edited anthology.
  Link   Mineshaft
Official site for the Underground comix anthology fanzine.
  Link   No Straight Lines
Official blog for the educational/academic project of No Straight Lines: Four Decades of Queer Comics
  Link   Percy Gloom
Official site for Cathy Malkasian's graphic novel Percy Gloom.
  Link   The Sanctuary
Nate Neal's blog for his 2010 graphic novel The Sanctuary.
  Link   The Squirrel Machine
Official site from artist Hans Rickheit.