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From 1950 until 1955, EC Comics revolutionized American comics with their provocative, literate, and visually stunning horror, crime, war, and science fiction anthologies (including Tales From the Crypt and Weird Science). Frequently reprinted in fan-oriented packages, this work has never been collected in accessible, general-readership-friendly form. The Fantagraphics EC Artists' Library, with its artist- and theme-based collections, is finally rectifying this.

"All of these books are essential purchases for comics fans. These are the books that best show off how EC took genre stories seriously, striving to create comics that didn't treat readers as naive or ignorant." — Los Angeles Times

"Fantagraphics' current series of handsome hardcovers makes familiar material fresh by focusing on individual artists... It's never been easier to appreciate the contributions of these iconic inkslingers." — Chicago Tribune

"I am not only appreciative but also very impressed. The books are spectacular packages of their featured artist and their stories." — Al Feldstein

"It's fitting that Fantagraphics — long-time champion of the rights and importance of comics creators, and re-issuer of important historical comics — would arrange a publishing line this way. It's also an important development in further establishing comics as art and literature worthy of serious consideration and study." — Full-Stop