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Eye of the Majestic Creature

Eye of the Majestic Creature by Leslie Stein

Eye of the Majestic Creature is a semi-autobiographical and fantasy-based comic that combines dry humor, psychedelia, and emotion to show the viewpoint of one person’'s world internally and externally. The story follows a young girl, Larrybear, and her talking acoustic guitar, Marshmallow, on their adventures through the countryside, Chicago, San Francisco, and New York. While Larrybear struggles to connect with strangers, her friends, and her family to various degrees of success, her growing population of anthropomorphic friends have adventures of their own.

"Eye of the Majestic Creature is ultimately the tale of a young woman rejecting the things that shaped her and attempting to figure out what comes next for her. Thanks to Stein's loose, amiable approach, you'll want to know that, too." –— NPR Books

"This book isn't easy to describe, and that's exactly why I love it. Leslie's surreal, funny style is a welcome addition to comics; her world includes a talking guitar and thrift-shop treasures. Though sometimes it's a compliment for me to say I read a book in one sitting, I'll be honest and say this one took me weeks —and that's because my eyes lingered over the detailed panels for perhaps much longer than the author intended. I envy her worldview, though I'm thrilled to have 128 pages of it." –— USA Today

"You’'d be hard-pressed to find a more downright affable character than blithely blitzed Larrybear, a naïve woman on the verge of Whatever, a cute Candide floundering about in an increasingly complicated world. This book is such a pleasure" –— The Comics Journal