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Fantagraphics Studio Editions

The Fantagraphics Studio Edition series illuminates the compelling process of creating comics. These books collect nearly 200 pages of raw, un-retouched original art, capturing every nuance of the artist’s skillful brush strokes and pen lines. These reproductions also retain the blue pencil marks, white-out, and marginal comments on each page—the beautiful imperfections that provide insights into the creative process. This is truly the closest most of us will ever get to sitting in the artist’s studio.

The series covers a variety of comics masters with distinctive styles and a wide range of subject matters. Current Studio Editions include Jaime Hernandez, creator of the seminal punk-inspired alternative comics series Love and Rockets; Hal Foster, creator of the lush medieval world of the classic comic strip Prince Valiant; and Charles Burns, creator of the touching and twisted graphic novel Black Hole, a contemporary American classic. These collections are indispensable for collectors, fans, and students of cartooning who want to better understand and appreciate the great cartoonists of our time.