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Ganges is Kevin Huizenga's one-man comics anthology featuring everyman Glenn Ganges. Huizenga's elegant neo-clear-line style brings a crispness and humor to these low-key slice-of-life stories.

2010 Ignatz Award Winner: Outstanding Series

"Ganges points to Huizenga's continued evolution as one of the most important young cartoonists working today." —' Sequart

"The best cartoonist thus far of his generation, Kevin Huizenga, makes amazing comics using a classic everyman, Glenn Ganges." —' The Comics Reporter

"Huizenga, an artist who is more welcoming and easier to embrace than an Adrian Tomine or a Joe Matt, continues to be one of the most exciting voices in any description of what people call comics... Huizenga is able to maturely detail something that's truthful, funny, and gorgeous to look at." '— The Factual Opinion