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New Tales of Old Palomar

New Tales of Old Palomar is Gilbert Hernandez's much-anticipated return to the small Central American town of Palomar, long after his last "Heartbreak Soup" story. All of these stories deal with the classic characters of Palomar such as sweet Pipo, her sharp-tongue sister Carmen, sheriff Chelo, and the gang of boys who help start it all: studious Heraclio, tall and fey Israel, disfigured but goodnatured Vicente, and girl-crazy Jesús and Satch.

"For those long-time fans of Beto's work, New Tales is not just a nostalgia ride, but rather an exploration of youth, innocence and the factors that lead to corruption... His art has never looked better." —– Sequart

"Even the passing Gilbert fan will find joy in this delightful entry in his oeuvre." –— Comic Book Bin

"Some of Gilbert's loveliest art ever." –— The Comics Reporter

"This may be Gilbert Hernandez's best work so far. Minimal without seeming spare and a huge argument for the 'comics as literature' thing having some traction." –— Kevin Church

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