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Schizo by Ivan Brunetti

"After reading your comic book, I had the overall impression that maybe I wasn’t such a bad guy overall." —– Chris Ware

"I enjoyed watching you suffer —— keep on whining!" –— Art Spiegelman

"A sense of humor as black as ink...a darkly funny, intensely personal, uncompromisingly nihilistic comic book." —– The Chicago Reader

"Brunetti’s self-loathing and seething disgust is so unrelenting that it begs a simple question: What the hell is wrong with this guy?" –— SPIN

"Lighten up, dude." –— Robert Crumb

full color, Comic, 11" x 15"
Ivan Brunetti America's most beloved depressed cartoonist is off the couch and back to making us laugh at his misery! Brunetti taps into his academic side with strips on biographical and historical subjects, plus his usual kvetching.
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black & white, Comic, 6.75" x 10.25"
Ivan Brunetti Brunetti's masterfully crafted, unbelievably nihilistic rant-comic tackles the darker side of office life. Ivan spits gob after gob of venom at white-collar job culture; if you've ever had an office job, you'll be laughing.
✔ In print