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The Complete Crepax

Italian cartoonist Guido Crepax’s comics, saturated with surrealism and sophistication, infused fashion, fine art, sex, history, and the French New Wave into the mid 20th-century adventure serial — and legitimized the erotic genre in Europe. Inspired by 1920s film icon Louise Brooks, his signature character Valentina is a fierce femme fatale and glamorous, globetrotting photographer. Her passion for BDSM flourishes in the anything-goes 1960s and ’70s — and her sensual exploits often occur on the border between dreaming and waking life.

The Complete Crepax will collect the entire life’s work of the Italian comics master Guido Crepax (1933–2003) in English for the first time. While some of his work has appeared in English intermittently over the years, there was never an attempt to take a careful, contextual, comprehensive approach to its publication, and certainly not in a deluxe format. This series will correct that injustice. The Complete Crepax will be published in 10 generously sized volumes, each about 350 to 400 pages, each focused on a particular genre or aspect of Crepax’s art.