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Unlovable by Esther Pearl Watson

"Esther's consistently original, hilarious and heart-felt work evokes the travails of puberty with painful accuracy. After perusing Unlovable we immediately broke out in zits and had clumsy beginner sex." — Megan Mullally and Nick Offerman

"Tammy's enchanting smile and dazzling eyes are a gift of grace from Esther Watson." –— Pendleton Ward, creator of Adventure Time

"Unlovable is the great teen comic tragedy of our time!" —– Matt Groening

"“GOOD!!!”" –— Lynda Barry

"A modest masterpiece, affecting and funny." —– Booklist

"“From the moment I laid eyes on Unlovable, I knew immediately that I had to run it as a series in BUST. Tammy Pierce is such an endearing underdog, and her teen-loser ways keep me coming back. No matter how cool or smart you may be as a grown up, I think there is a little Tammy in all of us.”" –— Laurie Henzel, Creative Director of BUST magazine

“"Unlovable is why we all want to forget about our high school years, but we just can't help but reliving parts again to feel the pain.”" –— Eric Nakamura, Co-Founder of GIANT ROBOT 

"I laugh and laugh and laugh, then I feel bad about reading someone's diary. This would be a horribly mean book if Esther didn't love everyone in it so much... So I keep reading. And I laugh and laugh and laugh." —– Jordan Crane

"This book reminds me of my life. It's like looking in a mirror and the mirror has stickers and tooth brush splashes on it." –— Leslie Hall