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"In two decades, Bill Griffith's Zippy the Pinhead has been transformed from a one-shot gag into the idiot savant of our whirling consumer culture... Griffy's tirades against advertising, truckers' caps, and Bruce Springsteen are hilarious, but he’d be just another elitist snotball without Zippy's cut-and-paste giddiness. Together they're irresistible: the good cop/bad cop of surrealist social criticism... Zippy's not the biggest fool this country has — we elect those — but he is our best." – Entertainment Weekly

"Griffith has actually made room for essays and meditations on the 'funnies' page. No other strip challenges the reader in such a smart way." – Time Magazine online

"Zippy the Pinhead... he’s like a word processor with dyslexia!" – Robin Williams

"Griffy still leads the way with his masterful Zippy — the last truly great daily comic strip on the planet." – Dan Nadel, Comics Comics

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